Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunny Sunday, Rainy Monday

A lovely thing about a country that closes most of its shops on a Sunday is that it really does create a day of rest ... for the wallet.

We on the other hand took it as a day to get a few more projects knocked out on the boat. While Henry did a major cleanup in our workshop area which in the end revealed our guest berth, aka where Jim will be sleeping next week, I finished up the long overdue sunshade that I had started when we were back on the dock in St. Thomas. I'm super pleased with how it turned out, the goal being to create shade at the front of the boat, shade the front windows but not put shadow over our prime solar panel real estate, and most importantly I didn't want it to look like a tent.

We spent the afternoon figuring out how to rig lines to be able to lift our new dinghy up on our davits at the back of the boat and in the evening, a beautiful sunset was followed by a round of cribbage. Henry is still the champ but he's going down soon!

Love the cribbage board - thanks Caitlin!
Today dawned somewhat sunny but quickly greyed over to a windless rainy morning. What do you do on a rainy Monday morning when plans for getting the laundry done stall in the soak phase? Well we have a new occupation. We are now hunting for drips and dribbles off any clean surface such as the bimini or cabin top where we can catch the water. In a matter of about 45 minutes we had collected almost 5 gallons and we haven't yet tapped our major collection source on the cabin top. That will require some hosing that we can direct straight into our water tank but once again, for the expense of a few dollars at the hardware store we will hopefully be able to tap into another free resource!

Not such a pretty view this morning.
Tie a line to the drip point on the bimini and the rain runs straight into the bucket. Just look at all that water!
The rain window I made for our EPIRB is an excellent run-off point.