Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back to the BVI

When the haul-out for our survey fell through a couple of weeks ago we decided to return to the dock and get on with some other work. One of the discoveries we made though while we were out was that we had no capacity in our batteries and upon testing found that only one of the four had any life left. Damn - this is another reason we've been tied to the dock: the shore power cable is almost more tenacious than our dock lines.

Two of our dud batteries, man these suckers are heavy.
This morning, with work completed to install new batteries, and renewed bookings for our survey and haul-out we are going to head up to the BVI once more. Our intention being to go through a full survey on Friday and then when the lift is available on Wednesday next week, we will complete the below water-line inspection.

So, off we go today once we finish off a couple of little jobs.

Here's another little teaser - we are thinking of adding a new graphic to the front of the boat. Right now we only have our name at the stern and we still look a little too much like a charter boat so we'd like to put something unique up there. Here's the first concept, we'll see how it turns out.


  1. Super blog, you guys are doing it right!

    Duncan McC.

    1. Hey, thanks Duncan - we're having a blast so something must be right!