Sunday, October 26, 2014

Racers, We Are Not

Best t-shirt design for the event!
Catfight Weekend and a small, but well represented contingent of catamarans (and two monohulls) set out for a series of two races.

  • Race 1: head east around Sandy Spit and back to the finish line at Great Harbour.
  • Race 2: again head east around Sandy Spit and then head south around Great Thatch Island just off the coast of St. John and then back to finish off at Great Harbour.
The day dawned bright and beautiful but despite all protestations, the winds settled into a light 8-10 knots. By the time we reached Sandy Spit we were down to about 5 knots attempting to get past a 3 knot current to stay clear of the reefs and at that point we were so far back, in the nature of sanity we called the race, turned on the engines and made our way back. We either need a bottom cleaning or some sailing lessons but racing is probably not going to feature a lot in our future.

Nothing daunted, the racers carried on, but we who know in our hearts are true cruisers headed for less frustrating activities on the beach at White Bay and watched from a distance. We all had fun in our own way, although as Greg in Azurra (the other Mahe) said, we made a wise choice. We rejoined the party at Foxy's for the awards handout and in spelling out the nature of the importance of fun for the event, we came in third in our class! Really? We didn't even finish the first race! Oh well, who are we to look a gift certificate to Foxy's Boutique in the mouth?

The evening festivities carried on with a Halloween theme. We joined the crew from De Life for dinner at Corsairs and then made our way back to Foxy's for much dancing and merriment.

Some of the costumes were amazing. There was the whole crew from the S.S.Minnow, an army of Greek warriors, a 6' drag queen, satyrs, bats and cats in multitude. Hats off to all who put in so much effort and now we know the level of competition for next year (or next week when it really is Halloween!)

For my friends in Texas we noticed you were well represented on the ceiling of Foxy's. Of course so is every other school, country, ministry of transportation (license plates) and bra manufacturer.

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