Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rounding out the trip

As we finished off our fabulous week in the BVI's we ran out of wi-fi connections and so this posting is late but here...

On Saturday morning we headed back into Road Town for more exploration and some shopping. There were a couple of smaller cruise ships in town but compared to St. Thomas the pandemonium was completely tame. The shops along main street were delightful and it was much easier to find locally crafted items rather than flipping over something and finding 'made in China/Indonesia' on the back.

Jim actually ended up picking up the very funky green t-shirt hanging on the line at the back of this little alley and the art shop adjacent had wonderful items.

We also took the opportunity to visit the Old Government House which was perched just above our anchorage. Surprisingly we hooked up with a tour that was just about to go around which was hosted by a localized ex-pat Canadian. The house had quite a history and was lovely and breezy; one could just imagine the colonialist British governor enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon as his children lazily romped through the grounds. The dining room had the most beautiful murals painted by the wife of one of the former residents and our guide was quite adamant that they were pretty much the reason the house had been saved.

We checked out of the BVI's at Road Town and then headed off for another delightful afternoon sail, running down to St.John and Leinster Bay. It was too late to make our way round to Cruz Bay so we quietly stayed on board as the wind blew through the anchorage.

Our evening fun onboard with Caitlin and Jim has consisted of a few rounds of Euchre (great to have 4 to play!), a couple of rounds of asshole (that title rotates quite freely) and then a challenge of Scrabble. Aren't we the exciting bunch!!

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